Vinni Marie D'Ambrosio, Ph.D.


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by Vinni Marie D'Ambrosio, in The New York Times

The American Wouldsman

On noting that the "American Finance Association will

make a field trip to Chase Manhattan Bank."



What bonny bank,

what buffalo-haunted stream,

will you be chasing off to now?


Fawning, dappled

by efflorescent glints,

will you scent out mysteries

and turn into tellers

of antique tales?


In green-columned forest

will you check

your wrinkling dolors


and fold away your foxgloves

in a golden patch?


Or will you cut a sprig of rue

and, like your cheaping cousins,

will you bill and coup?


Oh breathe it, breathe it,

pecuniary pals,

the fragrance of the mint!


Lovers all,

roll, uncomptrolled,

in the clover!

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